You may need a project manager because...

I shall assist you to take informed decisions for a positive result. I have wide knowledges in real state and construction market as well as experience in the sector, in Marbella as well as Costa del Sol.

The main goal is to be able to adapt the specific needs of each building project part we have to develop, with a personal technical and exclusive assistance. In those stages we include:

Drafting of new building project. Interior refurbishment or demolition.
Analyses of Architecture Projects.
Document Management before the administrations:opening licence, first occupancy licence, registering of basic supplies, etc.
Works planning.
Measurements and economic control.
Quality Control.
Enhancing the value of building.
Maintenance and conservation plans.

gestión de proyectos de obra
licencias de Primera ocupación
Altas de Suministros

I am an interior designer and I had a very precise idea of how I wanted to build my house. Work together with Jose Morito was really comfortable. He perfectly understood my project for the first day and I could take my time on what I like more, the decoration!

MaribelInterior Designer in Málaga


Get in contact with me for any information. I will be delighted to help you and to get a close look of your project.

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