How to carry out the work execution

As a Technical Adviser I will manage the construction or refurbishment project planning, as well as the control and coordination of all economic, material and human resources in order to achieve the main fixed goal.

In contact with with all parties, I will be in charge of draw up the work plan, organise, manage, coordinate and control the planning and work execution in accordance with the applicable rules and conditions established in terms of quality, security and environment.

Manager of material execution in building works.
Cost Control.
Quality Control.
Drafting of Security and Health Studies.
Security and Health Coordinator.
Develop Security Plans.
Develop Maintenance Building Plan.
Develop Emergency Plans.
“Construction manager”

control de ejecución de obras
Elaboración de Planes de emergencia
ejecución de obra nueva

Absolute control and coordination of my business building works. Target time met!

Iván ZamoraBusiness Manager


Get in contact with me for any information. I will be delighted to help you and to get a close look of your project.

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