You will know that you need advice on urban planning because...

Adequate advice on urban planning will avoid many unwanted situations, and will not delay the execution of the project.

Professional advice for individuals, promoters, companies, architects and lawyers for the granting and management of building permits, purchase and sale of real estate, urban situation reports, Marbella PGOU reports, and other services such as:

Legalization projects of works
Urban planning regularizations through Declaration of Assimilation to Outside Planning (AFO)
Occupancy and/or use licenses
First occupation licenses.
Advice on Urban Discipline; sanctions, replacement of altered physical reality, etc.
Urban feasibility reports

Jose took care of managing all the permits related to my project, from the building license to the First Occupation License and documentation related to the registration of my home. Fast, efficient and close. Very happy!

Paz Martínez. Particular

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