You will know you need a technical report…

Whether you are individual, or represent a company, homeowner association or even a client that needs a technical report, court's ruling or a certificate related to the building, construction or buying and selling properties.

There is a wide list of technical reports where a Technical Architect can help you as:

Technical Reports for buying and selling properties - in order to ensure all guarantees in the transaction.
Expert Reports.
Valuations and appraisals properties.
Building Technical Report.
Building Evaluation Report.
Urban Situation Report.
Cadastral Regularisation Report.
Age of Building Certificate.
Energy Performance Certificate.

informes técnicos
Certificados de Eficiencia Energética
dictámenes periciales

My business needs are requiring technical reports constantly and work with José Morito guarantees speed and expertise.

Gerardo MartínezReal State Manager


Get in contact with me for any information. I will be delighted to help you and to get a close look of your project.

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