You should know you need a technical advisor because…

As individual, company, property manager, homeowner association or law firm, you have a problem or legal query that needs technical assistance in the field of architecture, construction or building.

The technical advice or consulting service has to be focus on problems solving. For that reason, we have establish a cooperation network with other professionals specialized in different fields to achieve favourable results.

Manage of Large-Scale and Small-Scale Works Licences and communicated actions.
Certificates and Technical Reports.
Assistance in buying and selling properties operations.
Assistance for tourist properties.
Viability Reports.
Marbella General Urban Development Plan Reports.
Managements before the administration.
Works without consent Reports.

asesoramiento técnico
Certificados e Informes técnicos
Gestiones ante la administración

We have 4 holiday rental properties and we get in contact with Jose Morito to let him manage all the permissions needed. He was in charge of everything so we could do our best, to welcome guests!

Armando y PilarManagers at Leisure Travel Company.


Get in contact with me for any information. I will be delighted to help you and to get a close look of your project.

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